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I N D I V I D U A L   S E S S I O N S



You would love to be able to sing, to speak and breathe with a voice  in harmony with your inner self.

"Voix et Souffle", i.e. "Voice and breathing" will help you develop the hidden and under utilized capacities within you.

Dare to sing and explore your voice. Have a good posture for presence, good health, happiness, better breathing and reduced stress

Individuals lessons will allow you to take time to build your  inner energy  and develop the practise of « Voice and breathing « at your own pace.

You wish to

Optimize your singing and speaking voice
Improve your presence
Communicate in a authentic and lasting way
Develop your breathing
Take control of your emotions
Put yourself in movement and optimize your presence

Louise Vertigo  invites you to

Liberate your voice
Develop your breathing
Stimulate your creativity
Develop your concentration and your decision making ability
Improve your communication
Maintain your health
Discover the benefits of meditation


The program is about discovering your voice through relaxation and listening to your inner dimension, allowing your voice to sit in your body for true authenticity.
Through postural work, the exercices will release tensions and have a direct effect on the mind. We will develop presence and deep rooted communication.
There is a link in chinese medecine between internal energy and it's a positive effect  on stress reduction through good circulation of  vital energy  and breathing .
The work on deep breathing develops concentration, stimulates creativity and decision making process.
Feed from tensions,  the body becomes an optimal vocal instrument.

You can choose to be accompanied by Louise Vertigo and Voix et Souffle gently over time to resolve  a vocal or respiratory difficulty or to enhance well being during personnal lessons tailored to your individual needs.
Discover the pleasure of expressing yourself  and explore your voice in all it dimensions through  movement and deep breathing  Many find themselves better positioned to enrich and express their creativity as a result of personal sessions.

The program : singing vibrations with closed mouth, Qi kong, breathing and speaking exercices, vocalizing, improvisation and meditation.


In agreement with the Zen master, Pierre Philippon, Louise Vertigo introduces beginners to meditation. She will  guide  you in your first steps to make this practice a part of your daily life.

Louise Vertigo is available for fasting retreats, combining meditation and hiking in very beautiful places of nature. She  runs a meditation workshop for Le Chemin de la santé.


Our rates for individual sessions are :



- 110 € for 1:30 of Voix et Souffle


-  75 € for 1:00 of initiation to méditation or practice.of martial arts

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